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Granny, Nanny, Grandma, Nana, Bibi, NeeNee … there’s a whole bunch of names for them.

Grandsons-in-law fear them, kids love them, mothers set their standards by them and Grandads hide in the shed from them. It doesn’t matter what culture or creed you’re from, Grannies are the same everywhere in the world and they Rock!

So if you’re at a wedding or party and you’re lucky enough to be in the company of a Nana, you need to get in the booth with them. It doesn’t necessarily matter whether it’s your NeeNee or if she belongs to somebody else. Just grab Granny and get boothing.

Gregarious Grabbing Only

No dragging, pulling or pushing is allowed. She may well be the most awesome Grandma in the world but she can also be a little fragile. Also, a bit of patience is required to get them in the booth sometimes. Tempting them with gin or cheap Spanish brandy can also encourage them.

Granny in a Gangsta hat

Props are good for grannies and they can pull moves in most of them. However, just their mere presence in a booth is enough to make most pictures rock. So don’t force them into the prop box.

Don’t underestimate Nanna’s booth skillz

Remember this. It’s important. Don’t presume your Nanna is a booth newbie. You’ll probably find she was pulling selfies in the high street passport booths way before you were a twinkle in your mum’s eye.

Competing with Nan will lead to failure

If a NeeNee wants to out-booth you, she will. You are not her competition. You will not win. Competing with her will only lead to failure. You may have a pimp hat and shades on as props. But her prop is actually you. Deal with it. Live with it. Love it.

100% Gold Dust

Any booth picture with a Nan is 100% pure gold dust for both you and her. Make sure you both have copies. After the party, pictures with Gran need to be put in a place that you’re going to see them every day. Stuck to a mirror, on the fridge door, your desktop wallpaper. Anywhere that you’re going to see it and be reminded that you have the coolest, most fabulous Nan in the whole wide world.

So there you have it, everything you need to know about Grabbing a Granny for some outright awesome photo booth action. Boothing with your Nanna will gain you many respect points from the most seasoned of photo boothers.

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