Booth Moves for Boys – The Pout

Booth Moves - The Pout

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Throughout photo booth history, The Pout was only ever executed by the female form. As women have perfected the pout as a booth move, men are gradually moving in for some pouting action too.

The Pout is not a move that comes naturally to men though and mastering this booth move needs lots of practice. In addition, women have a slight advantage in making a top-notch pout, as their lips are quite often enhanced with liners, colours or gloss. We’ve written a guide below for you to create the perfect pout the next time you’re in the booth.

Once you’ve mastered The Pout be careful not to overuse it. This is a great move for one of the four pictures taken in the photo booth, but to be a pro, you’ll only use it once.

3-steps to the perfect pout

Step 1

Raise your chin slightly. About as high as you would when shaving underneath it.

Step 2

Curl your tongue back so that it’s touching the roof of your mouth.

Step 3

Now attempt to say the word “blue” while keeping your tongue in the same position. The slower you say “blue”, you’ll figure out at which point you’re making the most effective pout for your picture.

So there you have it chaps. Everything you need to know for The Pout. This booth move will seriously raise your photo booth game but like we’ve already mentioned, practice is the key. Any chance you get, you need to be practising.

These pictures were taken from Checkatrade who used us for photo booth hire Hampshire at their charity ball.

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